My first post

So this is what blogging is like… well, it’s probably way better cause I still have no clue about all these bottons and making your blog look cool but at least I started. Hey, it’s the first step that counts, right? I used to write, a lot. And I’ve been trying to get back for a long time. The problem was how. Apparently blogging is the easiest way to do that so after a lot of thinking I decided to give it a shot. I’m an over-organised person in general but I don’t stick to things and habits. I hope this will go better than my gym memberships 😉

Ok, the end with this boredom. My first fashion related stuff will be a description of a girl I passed by on a street…. 2 days ago. A typical early morning in Dublin when the summer is over-it was pouring rain. I almost thought the global warming has its effect on the island and the days of completely soaked socks, jeans and jackets are over but then a reality hit me in a face-they are so not. I was walking back to mine after staying a night at my boy’s and by the time I got to O’Connell Street I was embarassed to walk looking like this with all these people around. My cool leather Bertie runners weren’t looking that cool covered in a dirt and completely soaked… Ok, the girl! The girl passed me by at the South end of O’Connell Bridge. As for a nasty day like that she looked like she was born in this raining weather!

Brown leather ankle boots on a little, not higher than 5 cm heel + torn dark skinny jeans with a lot of bleached spots + tight black top and dark leather jacket + shoulder bag hanging casually from her right shoulder, half open, a brilliant cherry shade/colour. Very obvious but so very cool with the curly hair all around the place-a breath of fresh air on that miserable morning.. The pics below are as close as I could get to reflect the look; jeans are from River Island and the ones she was wearing were more bleached; the bag is a Parisian Lamarthe, the shape is similar but the colour should be more cherry-like; jacket by River Island; shoes random.


3 thoughts on “My first post

  1. nice post 🙂
    thankyou for following my blog I am gonna follow yours too as I like the sound of it!
    i am also not one that's very good at keeping this sort of stuff up but what have we got to lose?
    Have a great weekend xxx


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