Winter Flower Hippie

Short evenings and cold weathers not only made me feel like a cup of good tea in tracksuit bottoms in front of TV but also reminded that it’s about time to think of a new way to cover up the head and protect it from that Irish wind.

Following my love for the hair flowers this autumn a new interest set in-a headband. And I’m not talking a random headband. I’m talking thick, wool, cute with a flower headband! I spotted quite few around town worn really well and some other worn as badly. The question is where do I get them? If I knew the trend was coming in summer I might have just about made one myself 😉 Too late for that now. I searched through piles of sequined hats, Russian furry hats, military hats… no sign of my beloved headband.

So, just to make my point, I searched the web also and this is what I’m talking about 🙂 my personal winner: the bottom grey model by – both the headband and the way it’s worn. The middle one is by Topshop and the other two as cute as they are just picked randomly on the net…

The question arises: where do I get a headband that would make heads turn around? 😉


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