The best dressed Dub?

Ouch, I haven’t been around for long… There is an explanation though-I’m not that lazy yet! I was in Wales for a while and my dad has been over since I got back so I’m a bit busy. Now, explained 🙂

I actually thought Wales would be great ‘material’ for the blog. How wrong was I? Disappointing but after getting back I realised there wasn’t a single person whose look stuck in my mind long enough that I could describe it. The only 2 things were 2 great dresses in my friend’s wardrobe – the black, torn, ‘witchy’ minidress and the cutest ever pale and black fancy collar dress.

Back to present. I had quite a busy day. Graduation (I’m an emotional type of person who actually cares – even my boy laughed), shopping (read: running around), interview, cooking for my family (no, I don’t cook, yes my family knows, why then? sometimes they just enjoy ‘torturing’ me and coming in for homemade dinners-I still love them).

In between those I saw someone who is more than worth mentioning. Someone who made me feel completely underdressed, reminded me that my fringe needs a hairdresser like never before but at the same time made me go…wooow!

That someone looked like she was out of a magazine. No, I mean really. Take a mag and cut someone’s picture out. You’ll get a pic of her. Certainly the best dressed and best looking girl in Dub today! So what was the look?

Grunge grey chunky boots, skin-tight black leather trousers, very see-through lace black top, bikini-type black bra, short fitted black sculptured shoulder jacket. Add really skinny silhouette, blond perfectly straight and messy at the same time hair and here we go: everyone on the street was stearing at her.

You Miss made me feel scruffy. I forgive you; simply fantastic look!


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