In search of inspiration

Somewhere between terrible weather, lack of work, being broke and trying to make all the important relationships work, my inspiration for clothes or rather clothes AND writing got lost. I’ve been trying to scribble something for a while now. No luck.
So here are just few pointers that are kind of on my mind…
1. An appeal to all the girls out there who do not look at themselves in a mirror before they leave their house in a jacket… well, like that:

I’m not trying to be nasty here. Everyone has their bad days/buys etc. But this? in November? in Dublin? white?! Good luck for anyone trying to pull it off.

2. “Fashion is all about eventually becoming naked” -> I’m just loving this quote 🙂

3. River Island have new ‘day to night’ looks and the black skinny jeans are my definite winner. The day outfit is so cool and casual with that tee and cardigan and the outfit for the night… well, you just couldn’t ask for more.

The jeans

The day look

The night look

4. I’ve made my first good sale on ebay – the dress that was used only once, worn by my friend for a photoshot and was definitely going to waste. I’m nearly proud of myself 😉


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