I am sterdam

Thanks to my wonderful boy I got to spend the last weekend in Amsterdam. Jupi! 🙂

I actually can not believe I’ve never been before. I absolutely fell for that city (red light district being an exception). The architecture, the boathouses, the apartments filled with books up to the ceilings and the effortless & natural style of the residents -> what’s not to love?!

Being organised as I am despite the fact that it was my boy looking after the whole trip, I made sure to check if there’s anything of my (fashion) interest to see. I wasn’t disappointed. The December issue of The Irish Tatler recommends every fashionista’s Amsterdam heaven – The Museum of Bags & Purses.

Stocked with historic as well as the latest, most envious handbags, the place has a real charm, character and is truly worth visiting. Located in the city centre and easily accessible will not waste too much of your time and is sure to please an eye 🙂 If your man isn’t as patience as mine (he actually went around the place with me!) he’ll definitely enjoy a cup of tea in a gorgeous museum cafe.

Some of my favourites were the ‘scruffy’ Vivienne Westwood bag, Paul Smith’s extra cool old school car bag and beautiful shoes by Stella McCartney (unfortunately a bit out of focus). My boy’s faves were the two jewelled evening bags by Kathrine Baumann – not a bad taste for a man my dear 😉

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