I’ve been planning to sort my jewellery out for a while now. The basket of horribly tangled necklaces bothered the over-organised side of me each time I walked into the bedroom. The problem was, I had to find a way of hanging them up, otherwise they would be back to the same messy state very soon.

I know there are some cool and lovely hangers on sale in town now but the thing is 1) I can hardly afford my rent at the moment 2) they might be great for chains and small stuff but won’t hold many of my oversized beads etc.

What’s better at the times like that than DIY?! 🙂

I didn’t actually plan on sorting it out last weekend but I got a box of stuff for hanging pictures (lest than € 2) and it had these small hooks that turned out to suit my ‘jewellery storage idea’ better! My boy fixed 2 of them under the corner shelf on the opposite walls and ran a wire between the two. I didn’t manage to fit all of the necklaces in there but it’s more than good enough for me 🙂

So here they are: some of my nicely lined up treasures 😉


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