Have the spring collections always been that summery and cute? or is it just me? They all seem to be SOOO warm this year. It’s probably because the winter was SO cold in Dublin, I just can’t wait to get some great spring weather :))

Anyway, enough about the weather. What I wanted to talk about is Mango. Or actually their SS 2010. Scarlett Johansson has done the modelling and it’s really hard to tell if she was good or bad – I mean you car hardly see her through that Photoshoped doll… I personally don’t mind touch-ups and I’ll admit-most of the photographs I have around the house have been slightly improved 😉 but hey you can still say it’s me can’t you? I’m not so sure about Scarlett in this case…

Again, back to the point. The dresses below are absolutely stunning, just perfect for some summery weather that I’m sure is just around the corner 😉


One thought on “Cutie

  1. Ooh pretty dresses! i adore the first one especially. i just wish ireland was warm enough to wear floaty summer dresses without a big heavy cardi over them! either way, i cannot wait for the summer!
    i'm not the biggest Scarlett fan, she's obviously a stunner but just not the beauty that appeals to me!
    nice blog btw 🙂


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