It’s about time…

I finally scribble something. I know, it’s been like… years.

I’ve been around a lot though. I totally fell for these (The Style Strutter & A Style Girl) 2 bloggers and read them fanatically so if there’s anyone who hasn’t seen them yet-keep it a secret and make sure you check them out…

My wardrobe has been getting a little & slow update (going back to work has definitely helped) with a lot of clearing out. But I haven’t forgotten that it’s about time I get my little tiny apartment an ‘already leaving here for a year’ present 😉 So I bought this cupboard at the weekend (BTW Swords is not a bad place for shopping!) which I just totally fell for. Like, not in a long time falling for things fell for 🙂 I think it fits into my (tiny) hall perfectly and the wooden bowl thing which I bought on the same day as well. And the candle, in case u’re wondering what it is, it’s not a piece of wood, it’s a candle.

I actually started to doubt my taste when my dad said it looks like it comes from a country but I still love it 🙂

I promise to talk about something a bit more fashion-related next time…



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