I just couldn’t help it. I knew that RI starts their sale today and against all good friends’ advices and thinking/considering of all the pros (having no money being the biggest one) I went shopping.
What a mistake.
No, I didn’t spend all the money that’s (surprisingly) still left on my credit card.

What happened to me is one of the things that every girl must have been through and every single one knows how dreadful it is. I got stuck.

So I went on to try this cute silky top with little bows. It looked short but very wide. Not (obviously) thinking much I took one 2 sizes smaller than I normally do… how clever. I even got quite proud of myself for a sec when I got it on quite easily (thoughts of possible weight loss already making their way into my silly little head). Quick glance in a mirror and I knew it was way too small for me. So off I went lifting my arms and there you go. No freaking way. I went down and up again and again and I had the picture of an embarrassment for asking staff to help me out, tearing the top up anyway and paying for the damage already in my head. I don’t know how long I was fighting with that fecking top for but it felt like years!
After hundreds of deep breaths, I put all my effort into it and held my chest in as much as possible (I must have reduced down to A cup that sec!). That finally worked.

I ended up not buying anything which all in all is a good thing given my financial situation but hey, I surely got punished for giving in to temptations and going shopping….


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