‘I got a pocketfull of dreams’

As usually it’s been a while. But hey, I’m always back 😉

So what’s new… not much. I’ve been tired, felt overworked, overstressed and also positively overly busy.

So what does a girl do to calm down and finally get a proper seat in front of a laptop and have few minutes to type? I wish I knew and could tell you what the right thing to do is, I have no clue! but I can tell you what I did.

I had a bath for starters. Radox Muscle Soak ladies, I mean I know, not fancy at all but it does what you need it to do (both to body & mind). Ok so I did buy it for my boy (trying to be all goody goody) but he never even tried using it! and it turns out to be perfect for me.
Now while you’re in a bath things like inflated pillow, magazine and some good music is a neccessity. Candles as a side dish if you wish 😉

And as we’re at music, I wouldn’t normally touch the subject as I do admit that I know nada about that whole business (ok so I know who Cobain was and that Mrs Beckham used to be Posh but for example Jedward? hello? are we still talking music or wha?) BUT I’m absolutely in looove with two songs right now and have to mention them!

First of all Jessie Grace -> Science Tree. Never heard? I doubt it. Unless you’re stuck on a desert island (how the hell did u get broadband there…) you’ve seen the latest Riverrock ad. Fat man in ballerina dress. Yep. Trust me though, the song is brilliant. Summer, guitar & uber cool. Full stop.

And the second choice, so so obvious. Alicia Keys. I’ve never been to NY (yes, I know, embarrassment) but I feel like I belong already 😉

‘Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..’

As for the bath, loads of lovely smelling shampoo & lotions will finish you off and get ready for some fashion blogging again 😉


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