Bow girl

I don’t know where did the influence of my latest fashion obsession come from but looking through my latest (sale) purchases I seem to have developed a thing for bows.

We (me and the bows) have had a long and difficult relationship over the years. They sometimes become my absolute obsession and during those times you wouldn’t pass me by without noticing it (be it in my hair, on the handbag, clipped to the jacket or simply covering the whole outfit -> bow supersize). Very often, after a while of this sort of domination I would suddenly end our relationship with an absolute hatred and swear never to go back to them again. Pictures reminding me of the painful times and evidence of some ‘overly bowy’ outfits are usually ripped at that stage, tears flowing 😉

But like any other girl I easily fall for pretty things again. And so, after all the bad feelings are forgotten and all I can remember are our (me and my bows’) good times, the happiness, the flowers (on them), we eventually get back together.

I didn’t see it coming this time. Not when I was leaving home with 3 of them stuck on my head, not even when they become part of my jewellery again. Only going through my dresses the other day has made me realise….

We are back together.

I’ll keep you posted whether this time will be the ‘happily ever after’ 😉


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