Ms Lily

I’ve been positively surprised by one particular feature in July’s Glamour. It’s the only magazine that I buy but never actually read. Sounds crazy? I’m sure we all know what I’m talking about. I love to buy and flick through fashion magazines but there’re few of them that although I buy and have a good look at, I just can’t bring myself to actually read. And sorry, I won’t take the blame. There’s just nothing to read in them! I’m not sure whether it’s the style of writing (or rather the lack of it) or the continuous repetitiveness of the subjects that they talk about; dunno. I just know that the only things I actually look at are the pics. Still, I could probably win some sort of award for one of their best readers (considering the amount of money they must have made on me).

Late as it is I just want to express my delight with the feature in the above mentioned mag (too much advertisement is never good). I’m talking about their Women of the Year Awards. Lily Allen’s shoot has been by far one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time. It looks like someone has really thought about its style, considering the person in the picture too (which doesn’t happen too often now) and created something that’s just so good to look at! I’d hate to see a photoshoped platic looking Lily as she’s just so not like that. So instead, tasteful and stylish shoot.

What can I say, I’ll just have to keep on buying the mag 😉


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