Inspiration Dublin

I just got back home today after being away for few days and although I felt like scribbling something, I wasn’t really sure what. Rather unable to focus and get my thoughts straight I took my favourite route for inspiration: Dublin. To be precise: Exchequer, Wicklow and Grafton Street.

To my surprise, what I mostly came across were Spanish tourists 🙂 I also listened to a guitar on Grafton Str for at least 20 min which was absolutely brilliant and I did some of my favourite – people watching. It’s a pity I didn’t have a penny on me so I couldn’t even grab a nice cup of coffee – it would have made my day 😉

Complete lack of change has never stopped me from shopping though – that’s what credit cards were invented for after all. So here’s (maybe old) news for all books’ lovers. Dubray Books on Grafton Street are open til 10 p.m. Please tell me you didn’t know or I’ll feel like a complete idiot. Living just a stroll away from it, this it the first time I realised!

And just to make a note on the fashion side – the only interesting and inspirational thing I came across was the display in Tommy Hilfiger’s. Love it. Have a look yourself.



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