Back to shool

On this sad day for so many youngsters who had to make their way to school today I would like to post a reminder: this is the easy part. Enjoy it while you can. Yep, we all couldn’t wait for the day when our train/car/bus journey’s destination would be swanky office but then we all realised how nice (and easy) it was just to be in school.

So as cruel as it might sound I’m not sorry for them. I’m actually quite jealous. Getting up to already prepared, homemade breakfast is a pure luxury once you move out of home. Getting a lift? People have their own lives you know… and coming back home when dinner is actually waiting for you?! just sounds unreal. Once I hit the lovely ‘independence time’ in my life as much as I can’t imagine having to listen to the whole family more often than once a year and I lust over my couch where I can spread as much as I want; TV that’s only on when I feel like it and only on channels that I approve of (my boy’s choices were not taken into account obviously) and basically being able to walk around in my underwear only (or without), I finally understand how much work looking after yourself and an apartment (even as small as mine) is.

So, as I feel like going back to the easy school times and I don’t really have a time machine in the shed I can at least do something to make me feel better about it. And that is… admire, compare and (hopefully) buy a satchel bag! I was too silly when I was a school kid thinking they’re lame (how little I knew) but I would luuve one now.

Starting from the top shelf is not like me at all but as that’s an obvious choice I must mention that I am (like probably everyone else) totally crazy about the Alexa bag (below) and unfortunately less crazy about it’s price and waiting lists.

When it comes to the more realistic choices there’s a quick run through my favourites….

(Topshop around € 70/80)

(Urban Outfitters € 61)

(Urban Outfitters € 51) -> I’m in love with that bag for 1.5 month now and not sure what’s stopping me. Prefer the darker shade though.

I’m actually quite impressed with Asos which has that lovely bag at below € 40

And I’m as much unimpressed with River Island with the below…. I’d rather not comment, I thought they’ve better taste.

I might be thinking warmly of homemade meals and the past school times but hey, there’s nothing like freedom to buy what you want ladies 😉


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