The Red Head # 1

So as a rule I don’t blog about people I know and people from work (especially customers). But, as my job involves dealing with loaaads of people every day I must bend the rules a little bit. Anyway, they’re all made to be broken, aren’t they?
I mean my workplace is like a runway sometimes. Ladies totter in wearing fantastic shoes which I then find out they got in Aldo or some amazing jackets that unfortunately turn out to be from States (that always nearly makes me cry).
I’ve made a decision so; it’s an absolute sin not to blog about their brilliant or disastrous fashion moments and so, from now on, I’ll bring the subject up from time to time.

My starting point has to be The Red Head. One of our favourite customers (in fashion terms; BTW I work with ladies only) we love to see what’s her new outfit for the day.
The Red Head is the lucky one, working in beauty industry she’s already off to a good start – perfectly cropped hair style in amazingly always perfect red with immaculate skin and always incredible nails; it’s hard not to notice her. The Red Head is a rather short type so you usually hear her coming in – the Louboutins are hard not to be heard. This week though she went flat. Appeared in loosely laced up canvas boots, socks sticking out over them, a dark beige/brownish leather high-waisted shorts, beige top and oversized camel coloured vest she looked like she’s easily stepping into AW 2010 colours although summer was still all around us. Great selection of pieces that can be easily worn into autumn and pulled off without heels (at this height) -> I was well impressed.

We’re looking forward to your new fashion adventures! 🙂


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