The carpet bag

Coming back late from work today I was surprised to see River Island was still open. Quickly weighting up pros and cons of coming in (pros: finally see their new season stuff, resisted it for way too long! cons: as there’s no money available even on my cc no option of spending but heart broken over the want-very possible). But as the weather was getting worse I used the excuse to stay out of rain and walked in.

Neatly organised A/W staples were staring down at me: the red dress, the animal print fur, the big knitted jumpers, the leopard print bag… you name it. I didn’t feel the usual excitement though (possibly cause I knew there’s no way I can buy anything) and I was nearly proudly walking around the racks thinking ‘this isn’t too bad, I can look and not have it’ when I saw one of them. The weirdest of my recent ‘likes’ I have an eye on them for some time… usually lusting over some oldies at the markets this one was no oldie but it certainly was… a carpet bag.

How to explain logically what a carpet bag is – I dunno. The name was created by my boy and it just stuck. I also blame him for developing this liking in me as he first pointed one out to me. He also found one that I recently got at the Dub flea market but it’s still not the oversized type I’m just liking too much…

(that’s the little find, sorry for such poor quality pic, my sis has my camera)

So on my way home I was already creating plan in my head how could I possibly get some money for shopping. As we just booked holiday for Nov and I owe my boy loads, shopping seems like a ‘possibly new year pleasure’. Not that holiday in Thailand and Cambodia sound bad for November… The only option left in my head was reducing the amount of food I buy. Which would definitely benefit my body shape for the hols too! and as my boy is already looking after my health (manuka honey anyone?) skipping few dinners could do me just good 😉

On a more serious side: what about the bags, are they at all useful in the Irish rains? I mean you wouldn’t carry your carpet around in the rain, would you?


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