Because she’s Irish..

Orla Kiely is by far my favourite Irish designer at the moment. Ok, so maybe I’m not the most knowledgeable person on the subject (I can admit my weaknesses, it’s not like anyone reads this stuff anyway 🙂 but I am a more than a regular reader of the Irish Tatler, Stellar (the Irish one of course), Irish fashion blogs, the Gloss Magazine (The Irish Times) and couple of other things (I don’t have to admit to all my addictions) which means that I do stumble across a lot of names. And pictures of course. And so far, well, she’s the lady whose name got stuck in my head straight away and seem to follow me around. And it’s not because the name is easy BTW. Her patterns are unmistakable, unique and genius and although I wish the handbags could be a bit more funky and for a younger audience (I wanted to get one but everyone who has one seem to be married and/or have kids so I still hesitate) I can’t stop admiring the woman. And so, for anyone else who thinks she’s more than good or anyone who doesn’t know her and would like to find out I recommend the recently published “Pattern. Orla Kiely” book which is not only full of info about her life and pretty pictures of various patterns but also (not surprisingly) looks good on a shelf.

Thanks to my boy I already have my own copy…


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