As I already touched on the subject of Barcelona I might as well continue. No worries, it won’t be long 😉

As much style, chick and elegance emanates from Italian ladies (which I couldn’t shut up about for ages after my last holiday), so much casual, effortless feeling emanates  from the Spanish women. Jeans seem to be a perfectly acceptable outfit for both shopping, dinner & out partying. The harem trousers, shorts, etc etc seem to be everywhere around, in every possible colour, shape and style. And I loved it! The laid back look with loose tops, very low and worn hanging-down jeans combined with tan, dark hair and sunglasses is simple and stunning.

As I seriously lacked the tan, my hair are in a need of a cut and my clothes were an odd mix of summery and autumnal wardrobe, I had to bring something that those fabulous ladies seemed to wear so well. And so, below are my 2 lovely buys. The tunic kind of top which can be worn as a dress or with leggings, I really really like, quite flattering actually. And a maxi dress. I haven’t worn a maxi in ages (literally). I know last summer was all about maxis but I just don’t go with the ‘florals’ down to my ankles – no way. But as a trend seem to continue on for a bit longer and the shades of the dresses have gone darker and definitely more me, I decided to give it a go.

BTW necklaces are there cause they kinda live on my dummy 😉 so it’s not part of any styling, I can do better than that 😉


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