Autumnal Boho (budget version ;)

After getting few quids in at the Dublin Flea Market last Sunday (great market BTW, make sure you keep up with them, it’s getting bigger and better by the month) I went for a little shopping spree. As I couldn’t really spend much (debts) my obvious choice was Penneys. I haven’t been in, in a while, so it was actually a good choice for the first shopping towards warmer wardrobe. Everything was new and even the place itself has been changed so it felt a bit exciting even though, after all, it was Penneys 😉

The last market has made me realise one thing as well; I buy way too many things at high street that are not that great, sometimes overpriced and hardly go with anything in my wardrobe. What’s the end result? I have nothing to wear cause every piece of my wardrobe is like from a different fairy tale, I keep on sticking to boring basics, simple shapes and basic colours and I end up with loads of clothes I can’t wear but I feel bad about throwing out so I just keep them and keep them and keep them… and still not wear them.

So I’ve decided that this time I’ll start off buying something that I know I can actually wear with something I already own (a very particular thing, not a vague ‘top’ or ‘skirt’ choice) or buy only things that can actually be worn together.

As my boy rang me way before I was done with my shopping and we decided to meet up, I had to rush at the end and that’s never good 😉 but that’s what I ended up with;

That’s the outfit; the floaty top/tunic, thick, knitted, big cardigan, necklace with cage pendant, dark purple (extremely warm) scarf. That’s supposed to go with thick leggings, boots and possibly knee socks worn creased and sticking out a bit from the boots. Tag: comfort. Price: not exceeding € 35.

These are just.. a pic of the top itself with a necklace which I got at the market (50p) and a ring that I got to go with the outfit too.

Last but not least I totally forgot to mention that I finally got the satchel bag, the one from Urban Outfitters (well, really I didn’t get it, my boy got it for me for my bday 🙂 and that’s the bag with a little animal printed neckerchief from the market (€1!).


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