Recently nuts about

1. Bananas
2. Hummus
3. High-waisted shorts
4. The new harem trousers
5. Edie Sedgwick

No need to elaborate on the first 2 I guess. Since I’m trying to be healthier, reduce the amount of sweets & snacks intake and loose weight I’ve gone crazy for these 2 which are far healthier. Yes, they still aren’t the best option (compared to watermelon for example which = water) but they fill you in and they can get you through the day without craving for all the unhealthy (yummy) stuff.

As per point 3. I’ve had a thing for them for months but as you might have realised dear reader, it always takes me a while to go for new trends. That’s one of those things I’ve learned the hard way. Jumping into trends that turned out neither to suit me nor last beyond week 1 doesn’t sound unfamiliar at all. It takes research, loads more research and some more research for me now to make up my mind about a new trend these days.

Long story short(s); got these in Mango, lovely colour which is a bit of a personal improvement on black, they also make your legs look longer which is always great. I’m generally cautious about high-waisted choices due to my figure which is worst in that terrible area below a waist line. A little tip for those who suffer from the same problem: make sure you get the right size (not necessarily your size but the right size), looking at my shorts – the belt should be right where your waist is (in my case – where it should be) and when you tie it up to create a bow, the top and bottom around the belt shouldn’t be too tight. The whole point is that the shorts are a little baggy and when the belt is tied up at the waist line, it is the most accentuated part and you look best. It should not be too high and definitely not too low which will make it look worst.

The new harem pants are my recent obsession. The summery harem pants have been my best friends for few years now. I’m delighted to see that this trend has extended on to winter season as well. I got these in Topshop today (during my relaxing day off which obviously ended up to be a shopping day) and I’m crazy about them. Again, they’re high waisted and it’s a tight waist as well so they can be tricky to wear but so far I just admire them :)) will worry about wearing them some other time 😉 BTW the jumper is just a thing I wear at home, it’s not an outfit 😉

You may have noticed that I’m trying to do a bit of personal shoots which is due to one of my new followers… There are few reasons I didn’t do them before and as you may have noticed my head is actually missing from all of them… I haven’t really made up my mind about them yet 😉


2 thoughts on “Recently nuts about

  1. U r soooo thin, i dnt reli get what u want to loose?!!! But well done for eating healthier,i just had a chocolate 4 my breakfast :/
    Love ur new shorts n trousers!!!


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