Love the look

Of this amazing looking lady. I’m especially crazy about the blouse which is from Zara BTW.

That reminds me of something (I’ve no idea why).

Unfortunately I don’t blog as much as I’d like. There’s just never enough time on my hands and it’s been just terrible recently cause there’s so much stuff floating through my head to blog about, my phone filled with silly scribblings to remember (which are always forgotten) and I just never seem to end up writing about anything that I want. My free time has also been significantly reduced within the last few weeks since I started my work experience. So how do I explain this…

Ok so I do work. Full time. Which means like at least 40h a week. And no, I’m not bored, I do have enough to do to fill my days. I also work way too far from home which I means I waste alllll this time commuting. But as I’ve always, always loved fashion so much and never did anything about it I decided to do something, ANYTHING, just to try. And so the idea was born.

I think in some weird way my sis had something to do with it too. So my work, the real work, full time work, well it involves food. What I mean is that I’m surrounded by nice looking food (I’m still not telling where I work!). And one day my dear sis has said to me: “How can you spend all this time here and not feel like eating it all”. And it was just obvious for me that if I spend so much time around all that food, it just puts me off more than looks tempting. I forgot about the whole thing but weeks and weeks later when I was contemplating what to do about the whole fashion thing I had a ‘light bulb moment’. And what did I come up with? that if I spend all this time around tasty food and it’s not tempting at all maybe if I spend more time around clothes I wouldn’t be so much into it… and my shopaholic problems would be solved!

Ladies, one bit of advice: if you’re into clothes and your cc limit has been reached – don’t go near them. Working on the fashion floor? bad, bad, BAD idea… has me dreaming about them all day long now…


4 thoughts on “Love the look

  1. No wlasnie zastanawialam sie jak Ty sobie radzisz z tymi wszystkimi, pieknymi ciuchami, ktore otaczaja Cie w Twojej nowej pracy…
    A co do pani ze zdjecia…wyglada rewelacyjnie! A bluzke mam i moge polecic z czystym sumieniem πŸ˜‰


  2. I don't cope either! We'll get faux fur vests in for a shoot, all of a sudden I decide that I desperately want and need one and after work will go find a cheaper option. Now for some reason I want sequin harem pants and I know full well that I'll never wear them outside the house.


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