Top, Cardi and the Shop

My saving regime to make it to the holiday seem to be going out of a window every time I pass Topshop recently.

Below are my 2 recent buys. But I like them so it’s not too bad 😉 it’s worse when I get home and go: what the hell was I thinking…

The top has quite a colour but I actually like it; will make a bit of a difference in my (black) wardrobe. I like the way you can dress it up and down, things like that seem to be short in supply in my wardrobe. It looks great with tight skirt over it, also good with jeans and cool with skinnies and boots. I predict it will live happily ever after and hopefully we’ll have a lot of happy outings together 😉

I totally fell for the cardi, especially that it’s grey which according to my boy suits me quite well (if it doesn’t he’s in trouble 😉 It’s comfy and generally totally what I needed.


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