Material girl

It turned out recently that me and my boy have a very different approach to the issue of giving presents. As many girls, I turn into a 5 year old on Christmas Day the moment I see a gift wrapped package coming towards me. Better even if it’s found somewhere unexpectedly-that’s like Christmas and Santa’s Day together! Oh, on that, that’s another reason for disagreement, my home country celebrates things like Santa’s day and women’s day and boyfriend’s day and a name day…and although I treat Dublin as my home and people laugh at my ‘Irishness’ sometimes, I like to cherish some of the traditions I was brought up with (especially if they involve presents ;D ). I mean what better way to show interest or care than a thoughtful gift? (ok so there are some but that’s not what we’re talking about now).

And I think there’s nothing wrong with it, hey after all…

‘We are living in a material world
And I am a material girl’ 😉

So, I’ve made a little wishlist just to prove how bad I can be 😉

Vintage Blouses Wishlist
all from

3 thoughts on “Material girl

  1. im a complete KID when it comes to birthdays and xmas. I hound my man for hints about my presents until he cracks and tells me, then i get totally pissed off that the suprise is ruined!! or, if I get someone something im nearly bursting with excitment until the day comes for the to open it! crazy woman!

    The blue shirt in the third pic is fab! .x.


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