Back to freezing reality

Sorry I haven’t been around for sooo long. Back for few days now, still not back on the Irish time though! Every time I have a minute to spare I seem to be falling asleep-instantly 🙂  Going through a bit of a thermal shock as well, 40 degrees Celsius difference in a day is quite a difference to me!

Where do I start? Maybe I’ll just say that I had an absolutely fantastic time (to start off somewhere). Although it doesn’t really cover for how great it was! Now, let’s stick to fashion as a main subject (or at least let’s try).

Bangkok is fantastic. One of the coolest, funkiest and most fashionable cities I’ve seen. Apparently, you either hate it or love it-I definitely belong to the second group. I was astounded with how funky everyone was dressed, each outfit totally unique. Everyone seemed to have a perfect hair cut and some new phone/techy accessory that I couldn’t even recognise. I did my best trying to fit in, but let’s be frank, used to much more Irish weather my face was totally melting away, hair had to be pulled up after the biggest efforts to keep it straight and down and well… as per clothes I just can’t rock it the way Thai (tiny) girls do. Amazed with effortless, stylish lady boys & even normal boys who wore the perfect shade of red lippies (I still can’t figure whether my hairdresser was a woman or a man, I spent quite some time thinking about it and… nope, I don’t know) I’m not gonna bore you with too much detail. It has to be seen. It has to be experienced. Oh and most importantly; it has be ‘shopped in’!

Few examples of window displays, funky shops etc. (Sorry for bad quality of some pics, I didn’t always have a good camera on me)

What made me laugh? Topshop winter range was available! I walked into that shopping centre from 35C heat outside and was suddenly surrounded by… winter woollies.

What I loved most were the little boutiques around Siam Square and lots and lots of markets, stalls etc. My boy had to pretty much drag me away from there… every day 😉

Like I said, a very fashionable place so even quotes about fashion found it’s place all around a department store.

Ok, just one more funny thing – the toilet sign, loved it 😉


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