Last but not least

Cambodia. It’s hard to talk about fashion in Siem Reap. It’s hard to talk about shops in Siem Reap at all. Everything is like market type stalls and poverty is all too visible. Local people surely don’t go beyond practical when it comes to clothing and you can’t blame them.

Rather than Bangkok-like modern shops, these are the sites that surround people in Cambodia…

However, you may never guess how hard those people’s lives are. Smile and a friendly greeting is a normal and obvious way to act when they meet a foreigner. They’re by far one of the nicest people I met while travelling.

Back to fashion 🙂 Somehow, I managed to put my hands on one Cambodian fashion magazine. I was very curious. It’s way better than I thought it would be actually (looking at the pics just, I can’t read Cambodian as you can imagine). A lot of Western clothing and ads, it has an Asian feeling to it and although there are outfits that we wouldn’t dare to put on in Dublin, I think it’s not too bad.

The thing I dislike most are the shoes (I don’t know why but everywhere in Asia shoes are just horrible) and I find it hard to consider turtlenecks sexy – it’s one piece of clothing I’ll try to avoid forever and ever and ever…


3 thoughts on “Last but not least

  1. dokładnie- czasem tutaj coś fajnego się znajdzie na przecenie. ;D

    jejku, ale miałaś niesamowite wakacje.! takie odległe miejsca i na dodatek rzadko wybierane przez turystów. super.:)
    mam nadzieję, że pokażesz nam więcej zdjęć. 🙂

    P.S. świetna biżuteria z poprzedniego postu. 🙂


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