Off shopping!

Since I got back home on Friday, I spent most of the day asleep. Trying to fight off the 7h time difference between Thailand & Dublin as well as 17h journey with hardly any sleep, by the time I got up and was feeling a tiny bit more human, it was Saturday-late morning. My boy had a plan for us for that Saturday since before the holiday – Dublin’s Taste of Christmas. I wouldn’t go as far as calling us ‘foodies’ but we’re both quite keen on food and if it’s good-keep it coming (you can kinda see that’s where a problem with maintaining my weight starts, can’t you?). The thing was on for 3 days, supposedly similar to the Taste of Dublin, which I’m a huge fan of, it was told to be the winter version of it. It was also in the new convention centre which I haven’t seen inside yet so I was looking forward to it. What can I say… disappointment doesn’t cover it. The amount of restaurant stalls was extremely small; most floors were filled with Christmas decorations etc, mostly by M&S. I mean if I wanted to go shopping I hit Grafton Str and it’s not like I need a ticket huh? Very disappointed. Too little choice and generally a very poor event. If you wanted to shop for Christmasy things or stock up on wine, you were at the right place but I thought the whole point of it was the food (hint: TASTE of Christmas?! hello?).

Anyway, everyone looked happy and merry and I was happy to see ladies dressed up a little bit but still cosy in their winter layers of comfy things.

After Saturday like that though I was looking forward to my Sunday. Again, since long before I had a shopping trip planned with my sis and a friend. It was to be my first encounter with the ‘new’ Jervis. You got it right; I was to hit New Look & Forever21 for the first time. Imagine the excitement! After realising it’s gonna take me hours to get there due to totally iced footpaths I set off early and was one of the first customers to enter New Look just after their door has opened. Hell it was a pleasure. Up to that moment I wasn’t a New Look fan. I owed possibly 3 pieces of their clothing, all of which were very quickly sold on Ebay for that reason or the other. The shop totally blew me away though. The choice and variety of clothes and SHOES, OMG their shoe section, did you see that? I’m seriously impressed. Considering the prices etc it’s a total winner. So, after a quick browse in there we headed for F21. And although I can’t say I was blown away like I was by New Look (my friend wasn’t that much, I’m wondering whether it’s just the way all new shops make me feel like or what?) I liked it. It’s very reasonably priced to say least and the amount of stuff is unbelievable. Maybe even too much a bit? quite hard to find your way around it but I’m sure it’s just a question of time.

So here are few pics of just before I left for shops & in town (don’t mind the poses πŸ˜‰

Jumper – Primark
Skirt – Stradivarius
Jewellery – mix of everything
Boots – River Island
Bag – Urban Outfitters
Coat – River Island

Oh BTW, I stocked up on colourful glasses during my holiday, just to keep it colourful in here since my clothes are usually on the dark side πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Off shopping!

  1. I've been hearing mixed reviews of F21 all over the place. WHAT a disappointment! I'm not a massive New Look fan either but I'm really looking forward to checking them both out the next time I'm in the area. Thanks for entering the competition btw!


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