Fighting the cold

I hate to be cold. Wet, cold feet, frozen hands and shivering under the jacket? if that’s the state I’m in you better get out of my way… I just hate cold (I know I just said it, just making sure I’m making myself clear). After few days of getting ridiculously cold every day (even though I had good few layers on) waiting for buses that never arrived, getting completely covered in snow that wasn’t supposed to fall, I ‘fashionably’ gave up. Following days of explaining to my boy that I’d rather slip and fall than look crazy, I changed my mind. It felt so good…. my boots got laughed at in work but my feet were so warm! I could actually walk instead of nearly ice-skating in the RI boots which are totally useless once it gets cold, wet & slippery. Ok, I gave up on fashion for practical reasons so? I’m nice and warm and that makes me smile šŸ™‚ at the end, that’s what matters most!

When I got over the cold I realised how cool Dublin is when it snows! it just looks so pretty šŸ™‚ I also went out with my boy one evening and we made our first snowman (that’s for those who ask me about progress in our relationship, yes people do, our first snowman! hey we’re on to another level šŸ˜‰ I hope we’re not moving too fast now…;).

I wore the above today, starting off my day in a Bite of Life for breakfast (real fire, real food, real pleasure!).
Scarf-handmade, my sis

And here’s our snowman šŸ˜€


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