If there really was Santa

Have you ever thought what would it be like if Santa really existed? Probably. But since I haven’t had much to do in the last few days (work, cleaning and all other stuff can obviously wait) the spirit of Christmas is oddly getting me to think of all things impossible. I stopped getting excited by Christmas a while ago. Since I live by myself it’s hard to really create the Christmas feeling at home-after all it’s about the laughter and crowds of family and friends. And so, since the last few Christmases passed me by without making me feel festive, it’s a surprise to me that this year, although it’s still so extremely early, I can’t stop thinking of Christmas! I don’t have any plans as well which is looking rather bad as it may turn out that I’ll be on my own on Christmas Day (you’d notice, tears-filled posts will be a hint) so I can’t figure where the feeling is coming from. Anyway, I saw this in Penneys yesterday, thought it’s hilarious and I had to get it.

This is my first ever Christmas stocking, imagine! It’s not a tradition back home, that’s why. So looking at that every now and then Santa was kinda on my mind. If he really existed, I could probably forget about presents for the rest of my life! Or start every letter with those exact words. BUT if he did exist and I was a little angel and he could just read my mind I think this is what my stocking would look like this year…

Elizabeth and James More Heeled Shoes (ok, so I know it’s recession and so, there’s the pocket friendly version: Asos Tobago), Asos Maxi Belted Cardigan, Asos Tie Neck Military Blouse, Mango Paperbag Waist Trousers, Asos Premium Intricate Hard Case Clutch. (all pics from http://www.asos.com).

Ahh that would be a one good Christmas (outfit) stocking… sure if he was too busy he would just drop in a gift card for Jervis and we would all be as happy 😉


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