Party time

With Christmas parties in full swing I have been going out, going black, going ‘bowy’ and mostly going to enjoy myself 😉 Bored of plain black tights I’ve invested in some funkier options this year and so far so good which means I might be stocking up on them before Christmas just in case we’re snowed in again.

It’s getting more difficult to take proper pics and I realise that this awful angle does me no good so I will have to come up with something better but for now, as always, the crooked pics of me & myself…

1. Girly night in & out. Don’t remember too much (rather unfamiliar scenario) but we ended up dancing for hours so brilllll night! Surely, I didn’t bring the glasses with me…

Dress – New Look
Necklace – present; didn’t survive the night buuu 😦
Bag – Thailand
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins
Tights – Primark

2. Christmas party (work) -> I was running extremely late so funny pics but gives you an idea. It was full of bows and a bit smarter + a little jacket that I only see now I didn’t capture 😉

Dress – Vero Moda
Necklace – charity shop
Clutch Bag – TK Maxx
Shoes & tights as above

Sorry for being brief  ->  tired & rather hangover…


7 thoughts on “Party time

  1. I went super simple for xmas parties. Backless black dress with a chestplate necklace – sorted. As much as the drag queen in me loves sequins, I knew I'd see them everywhere. And I was sooooo right! That dress is so pretty – I miss Vero Moda!


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