Inspiring beauty

It is very rare for me to be inspired by models. Obviously, I envy their clothes and their looks but my liking doesn’t usually go beyond that. I’m not ashamed to admit that I hardly ever remember their names…. why would I really? In times when models turn into IT girls (nothing I can do about that, I’ll just lust over her wardrobe even more) I still feel like there should be more to a person than just their look and an expensive wardrobe full of designer clothes (which she pays for based on her look… vicious circle?). Bottom line: there are people I like to look at in magazines and ads (models) and people who are worth to actually talk about (real people, or at least ‘realer’ for me ;).

Crystal Renn falls into both categories though (did I just contradict everything I said so far?). In my opinion she’s a beauty. She’s also a model with unusual history of being both too fat and too skinny at some stages of her life. After reckless dieting she decided to eat normally and started a career as a plus model (since when is 12 a plus size?! I hope it’s not true in real life). She then lost her weight again but never went back to the crazy diets and just stayed healthy and happy with herself… and of course makes loads of money now 😉 (hurray to happy endings). Doesn’t she look gorgeous?! I love those pics.


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