Dear fellow blogger/ reader/ eskimo (cross out the unnecessary one) I am turning to you with 2 questions that seem to remain unanswered by myself for too long now.

1. How to look after a bonsai tree. I got it as a present and although in general I’m not fond of plants at all (it was obviously given to me on purpose; apparently to teach me responsibility? I’m too feckin sensible as I am already!) I really like that little tree. And so I took extreme care of it (as opposed to my regular negligence) but it looks more ‘sad’ every time I look at it. The fact that it’s losing leaves can’t be good either. Any good, simple advice?

2. Miraculous meteorites that are invisible. I got this Guerlain thing because it was recommended to me million times. It’s supposed to do wonders. So far, I wonder how could I be so silly and buy it without trying?! Over € 40 for make-up is not too little for me (I could have something to really wear!) and this is simply invisible! I tried and tried and whatever I do, after I put it on I actually look like I’m wearing less make up than before and that is never good in my case. Help? if not, at least buy it off me… 😉


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