The story behind my dress..

I promised that I’ll show you my take on pleats. I will now but there’s actually a story behind it (patience ladies ;). It sort of proves how bad I am when it comes to shopping….

My sis’ birthday was coming up. I had lots of time to find something, think of something, buy something -> do anything basically. I do spend quite a lot of time at work lately and even if I don’t I’m still working in my head 😉 so I found if difficult to find time to go shopping (not that I normally have a problem). When her bday was merely few days away I decided to take advantage of the fact that I work right in town and go shopping at lunchtime. Bad, bad, bad idea… 3 days later, 3 lunch breaks later, I still had no present but every day I went back home carrying bags of shopping… Do you wanna know when did I decide I must stop? do you really? when I bought a glass head… yep. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love it 😉 (see below, isn’t it cool?!) but let’s just say it made me realise that I’m shopping way too much and not getting any closer to getting her a present.

Obviously, when I finally got her something I came home with some stuff for myself as well. This is when the dress comes into picture, I bought it while shopping (again) for my sis present.

I wasn’t convinced about the top part of it but the pleats are just fab so I couldn’t resist it 😉

Dress-TK Maxx
Shoes-New Look
Nail polish-nails inc.


One thought on “The story behind my dress..

  1. I absolutely love that heart necklace! Normally I wouldn't be the biggest fan of pleats, but your outfit all works really well together.. I might have to reconsider.. 😉


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