12 months 12 countries # 2 -> Madrid/Spain

I know it’s already the end of February and nobody remembers anymore that they’ve made some resolutions but I’m trying to stick to my plan.

I went to Madrid with my sis and had a brilliant time! It was high time for the two of us to head somewhere together!

Here, very shortly and straight to the point, Madrid’s highlights:

  1. Food. Oh how I love Spanish food… tapas is the way forward, I vote for more tapas places in Dublin.
  2. Spanish waiters. Come free and inevitably with point 1. No English speaking but so cute. (My dear boy, you’re so much cuter, this is for single girls of course)
  3. Shopping. Hard to describe, so much, so cool, so hard to stop
  4. More shopping!
  5. Madrid flea & antique market. You have to see it to believe. Millions (ok, maybe a bit less) of little steep streets filled with everything! Hard to haggle if you’ve no Spanish though, it can turn into a public argument with many people involved screaming at you in Spanish (re: me buying a blouse)
  6. The museum. The one with the Picasso painting. Such a pity I spent too much time on points 1 to 5 and never made it there…

Overall a cool city, brilliant spot for a short weekend. Metro makes is so easy to get around and also we got the very end of winter sales which means we bagged some proper bargains.

What I fell for? the same as usual when it comes to Spain: the sunshine, the happy people & the effortless, amazing style of Spanish ladies + this season all of them absolutely rocking the red lipstick. Seriously cool.

I didn’t have my camera with me (no men=nobody to carry it around 😉 but here are few pics we managed to take.

Thanks to my sis for great time and putting up with me ;*


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