To yearn to possess something belonging to someone else.’ There could not possibly be a better name for the (already famous) rental boutique in Powerscourt. Today was my second time around in Covet and what can I say… I’m totally sold.

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to walk into one of the style icons’ closet? Filled with amazing designer dresses, old fashioned furniture, fluffy carpets, huge mirrors, heavy curtains, fab headpieces… you must get the picture. Well, that’s exactly what Covet is like. The difference being – it’s for real! The whole place has an amazing feel to it (apart from the interiors, names like Armani or Stella McCartney do lift your spirit quickly) and the ladies are as helpful as they could possibly be – smiling, full of ideas & advises and of course – so stylish.

It’s hard to express the impression that Covet has left on me so all I can say is: go and see for yourself. Also, if you’re jealous that I’ll soon be wearing a vintage, totally stunning Givenchy dress… well run 😉

Pics to follow…


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