Spring Clean for Charity

After countless amounts of changes of my Sunday plans I went to the spring clean for charity sale in RDS (as I initially planned ages ago…). I was quite looking forward to this, I haven’t been last year and it sounded like something I’d love (and spend a lot of money at). I mean tons and tons of second hand stuff with all proceedings going to charity -> does shopping get any more guilt free?!

I couldn’t really decide on what to wear (hate that ‘no-real-season’ weather; sunny but freezing, rainy but warm->huh?!) so decided to have a quick ‘spring clean’ of my wardrobe myself. Ok so not really a clean, more like a rummage… and guess what I found? a lot of stuff I totally forgot about, like… jeans! OMG I can’t even remember the last time I had jeans on. Disgraceful isn’t it? So I threw a pair on and some flowery, colourful stuff just to reflect the spring season a little bit, since our weather doesn’t really 😉

Here we go, my Sun to the market outfit.

Jeans – Pull & Bear
Shoes – Primark
Shirt – Stradivarius (I think..)
Waistcoat – thrifted
Necklace & belts – Primark
Bag – Gucci (thrifted)
Scarf – Pierre Cardin (thrifted)
Hair by my new curling wand by Babyliss 😉 Seriously though, I’m impressed with how long they lasted, tricky to use though, at least at the beginning

Oh and as per market, a bit disappointing.. I mean there was a lot of stuff and I’m sure some great stuff but there was way too many people and so, I lost my patience before I really bought anything proper (not like me at all, coming back with a plate! yes, you see it right, a plate).


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