12 months 12 countries # 3 -> Eindhoven/Holland

3rd month of 2011, I’m still sticking to my plan and I have a 3rd country on my list – Holland.

Instead of getting drunk and going green since Wed (as much fun as that sounds) I took off to the colourful country full of tulips, windmills and amazing architecture. Unfortunately the Irish weather has followed me even there but I still managed to enjoy the break. This was my second time around in Holland and again, their creativeness expressed in interiors of houses, shops, cafes has completely astonished me. Every smallest detail seems to be there for a reason and I could simply walk through the streets of their little towns, look around and be happy. Cause how can you not when everything around you is so perfect and amazing? So this is mostly what my break was about-walking around, looking and admiring. Den Bosch is one of the prettiest towns I’ve been to so if you’re ever out that way, make it your business to visit.

As per fashion, like anywhere else in Holland it’s quite casual. I suppose you wouldn’t really cycle around in a little dress and Manolos… Still, I think that they look really well considering the weather and amount of cycling they do (no one would ever wear anything but tracksuit if it was Dub) but I’ll let my pics do the talking now.


Ups and Downs:

Down: weather
Up: tulips
Down: industrial Eindhoven
Up: picturesque Den Bosch
Down: casual wear
Up: comfort
Down: calories consumed
Up: pretty cafes and yummy hot chocolates


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