I’ve been looking at all the wonderful cropped little jumpers and tops that seem to follow me around but don’t suit me in the slightest. I don’t have a belly to show off and so, to wear them in any way short is out of question. I also don’t have a belly for wearing something really tight with a cropped jumper over it. I do however have quite few see-through shirts. Which, as it happens, are not always appropriate to be worn on their own (like I said above: see-through). And so, this way I finally found it – my way to wear a cropped garment: see-through top/shirt + cropped jumper = safe (no naked bellies), comfy and still on trend

Jumper & Necklace – H&M
Jeans – Pull & Bear
Shoes, belt & ring – Primark

This is gonna make no sense now but I only wear it like that on the pics as they were taken in Holland and I didn’t have the right type of shirt handy 🙂 nope, I definitely won’t be wearing it like that anywhere out of hotel room..

When in Eindhoven, I also made a friend – a recently bought top that I couldn’t bring myself to wear before. I started to really like it while in there (by Primark).


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