The comfort zone

I was walking to work a few days ago and I noticed an unusual thing. There were a few ladies walking ahead of me but I quickly realised that I was the only one tottering in heels. I curiously examined the situation (I seemed to attract way too much attention for my own liking just by walking ‘louder’ than ladies around me). Lady no 1, mid twenties, mid-size figure: runners, jeans, sporty jacket and ‘Guess’ bag. Lady no 2, late twenties, chubby figure: runners, trousers, sporty jacket, little hand-held bag. Lady no 3, early twenties, jeans, casual jacket, over the shoulder bag. Trying to keep up with the pace of the ‘runner ladies’ I put extra effort to my already dreadful walk in heels (I must have mentioned that before, love heels, can’t walk in them) and kept just behind them. I curiously looked behind me, just a sneak peek to reassure myself that I’m not the only one working hard here and imagine my surprise when I saw lady no 4, early twenties, runners, skinny jeans, leather jacket, v. skinny figure and shades on.

I began to wonder whether this is some type of organised group. Imagine my surprise when at the next junction every single one of the ladies headed in a different direction. I felt like I can finally slow down and stroll to work, trying to look as gracefully as possible with my sweaty face from the effort I put into keeping up with the ‘runner ladies’. I was really surprised to see that. I know it’s common for girls to wear runners when rushing to work but I gladly noticed that a lot has changed and it is not that popular anymore (when I say runners I mean the proper workout runners, not just Converse). Imagine my surprise and dread to be walking along those comfortable women who were looking me up and down like I’ve committed some terrible crime just by wearing heels! Wearing heels to work is something I’ve taken up recently after realising that I soon will be 24 (ok, my boy will give it away anyway-25) and I spend most of the time in flats. Which are unflattering, unfeminine, do nothing to my figure and hey, how many more years have I got left to actually do that? I mean it won’t get any easier as I get older… at least that’s what they say 😉

If you’re one of the comfortable ladies in runners, good for you but do look with respect and without pity at the others who try and make the effort at 7 am! I envy your comfort but I sometimes care about other things even more.
On a really positive side? I caught up with 2 of the ladies just at the green. You can imagine the smile on my face 😉


2 thoughts on “The comfort zone

  1. Recently I've read about a famous singer who has a great figure. One of her favourite “exercises” is walking in high heels or on her toes. So.. the runners might not do that much to “runner ladies” figures… no matter how far they run 😉


  2. hey, dont ever give up on those heels – i love heels! although, what is it with women that stare you up and down for wearing them…its annoying. then you begin to feel a bit uncomfortable and begin to think that everyone thinks you're cracked for wearing heels! feck em! you're only young once! xx


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