Take a ‘wider’ look

I am totally in love with the wide leg trousers this season. I kept my eye out hoping that I’ll soon find a pair that was destined for me (what? a girl can dream..).

Somehow, I let myself believe that I found it yesterday. H&M, reasonably priced, nice colour, even work suitable but with enough edge to carry them off nicely out of work. I felt content. Ahh what an easy life, stumble into a shop just few meters away from my office and find a perfect pair of trousers. Isn’t that just great?

I got home, quickly threw the trousers on and snapped few pics before running off to do some grocery shopping.

I was now going to proudly introduce you to my new BF and possibly spring/summer 2011 staple. After checking out yesterday’s photos, I here introduce you to… disastrous pants.

(I also went way over the top with colours!)

Trousers and cardi-H&M

I wasn’t convinced about the length and only now I realise that it’s just not right. The fact that the crease stretches right on my tights is totally wrong too. And more than anything-my legs look wide! yes, wide! not like cool wide-leg-trousers wide but fat. And that is very unusual for me. My stomach can look fat, so do my ankles.. actually, I won’t be getting into that, my point is: I’m bringing them back.

Wide leg trousers advice:

  • they should be wide legged but without making your legs look wide (if that makes any sense)
  • watch the length or you’ll look like your place got flooded..
  • they have to be high waisted and u must wear them over things – see my pics? my legs look 3/4 shorter than normally because the top wasn’t tucked inside
  • take photos after buying them (when you’re still high from shopping) and look at them the next day (before labels are off and you’re v. sober 😉
  • let me know where to head for that perfect pair that wouldn’t break the bank..

2 thoughts on “Take a ‘wider’ look

  1. Anna,I love how you write and everything you write about!Just wanted to ahve a look at few things and now sitting here for an hour and educating myself about fashion.Of coarse because of u!
    Greta blog,keep going and will read everything u put down!


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