Dress hunting

Anyone close to me realises what I’ve been going through recently when trying to find a dress for my boy’s family wedding. Ok so it’s not even a real wedding. I mean it is real but the thing is, they’re already married… so it’s like a late party for the family (as far as I can understand, it’s not easy to get info out of my boy sometimes). As vague as a description of the event was, it was not nearly as enlightening as the clarification of the dress code (me:’what will I wear?’ boy:’wear that colourful dress’ me:’I don’t think it’s suitable’ boy:’I like it’ -> read that conversation over at least 20 times and you might begin to understand how lost I was when trying to figure out what’s right to wear; can’t really blame him, he’s a man after all 😉

I went through classy, right to dressy dresses, moved over to casual, flowery… literally everything. I liked nothing. 4 dresses have been bought. 4 of them have been brought back. If you asked me, I don’t think I’m fussy. Really! It’s just everything is either flowery (Warehouse), minimalistic (Zara), too girly (H&M), too pricy for what u get (FCUK), too old (Karen Millen), too cheap-looking (other places..) and so on. I wanted it to be a little bit dressy but not full on taffeta bows, light and girly but without ruffles and tones of lace, a bit sexy but actually covering my ass.. and so on. As you can imagine, my search went on forever. The closer I thought I was to getting something that would be suitable (although I still don’t know how formal the whole thing is going to be) the worse my choices seemed to be.

Desperate, I was making my way to Covet last weekend as my last chance. This is when I realised I haven’t been to the Loft Market in a while. Although I was aware that splurging a couple of hundred on a designer dress was just not going to happen for me (couldn’t possibly, I didn’t have the couple of hundred) I thought it wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t at least have a quick look around.

And this is when I found a stand full of vintage dresses from Jean Cronin. Her amazing clothes and accessories totally blew me away and putting those delicate things on was like a dream. I got my first proper, amazing vintage dress and I couldn’t be happier with my choice (and the price!).

If you’re looking for something special, the Loft Market is one of the best places to head for and if you’re looking for something truly amazing – talk to Jean.

I know a dress like that deserves proper photos but I just wanted to be able to show it off asap 😉 and yes I know, these shoes just won’t go with it and yes, I’ll make sure they won’t see my underwear at the wedding too!


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