‘…because her hair was black and her eyes were blue’

I went for a little trip to Galway with my boy last Sunday (that song always lifts my mood, is that wrong?!). We planned a nice picnic with some lovely food, sitting on a grass in sunshine, reading a book & relaxing… We surely didn’t take Irish weather into account. I know, I know it was scorching hot in Dublin, everyone told me… it was bloody freezing in Galway though. I didn’t even feel like taking photos (not like me at all) and we spent a vast majority of time indoors.

There was a significant ‘fashion moment’ during the trip though! (I almost forgot). We took a train (is there a cooler way to travel nowadays?! I probably sound like a county girl but I love an old train journey) and on the way back, a lady has joined us, sitting down on the opposite seat. She was anywhere between 70 and 80. OMG she looked fantastic! Very smart, pearl in the ear, high heeled Lanvin-style ankle boots, fab jewellery, amazing perfume (I had to stop myself from asking what it was, it was just enchanting!) and of course some very fancy shopping bags… well we certainly do train journeys in a different style lady (see below for Anna – as a Galway girl… 😉

Jeans – River Island
Top – Primark
Cardi – H&M
Scarf – River Island
Flats – Dunnes

There was an exhibition of design students’ work as well in the Eyre SC. Here’re few snaps, I liked the last moodboard most.

‘..Boys I ain’t never seen nothin’ like a Galway girl’ 😉

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