The (almost) Royal Wedding

Sadly, the first one of the weddings is behind me. Why so? I had a great time and soooo much fun. It was my first visit to the oh-so great Dunboyne Castle and I have a feeling that it’s not my last one… there’re reasons people talk about it – it’s fab.

The weekend couldn’t have happened without some disasters – for me, mostly toilet-related… Yep, I got stuck in a dress in a pub toilet, I was seen half-naked by a stranger (what the hell was he doing outside ladies’ window?!) and I managed to actually go into a wrong toilet… I know, I can master embarassing moments.

Still, nothing took away from one of the funniest parties ever. And of course my dress, which I nearly ended up not wearing and which I could hardly breath in half way through the dinner. Apparently you must suffer if you want to be beautiful, I’m telling you, it was still worth it -> loved it.

Dress – vintage Givenchy @ Covet
Makeup – by Daisy (let me know if you ever want to get in touch with the best makeup artist in Dub!)


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