Hello Superstar

Have you ever dreamt of becoming one of the people whose smiley faces look down from billboards around Dublin? How about a photo of you and your friends on a Champion Sports’ window? 

Boys and girls, it has never been easier before… Champion Sports has just launched it’s online competition to find the ‘face of Adidas Originals’ -> I’m telling ya, a one funky line of sporty clothing… all you have to do (to become a superstar) is log on HERE, upload a picture of yourself and get as many ‘likes’ as you can to take part in a shoot that will be advertising Adidas Originals SS 2011 range. Competition closes on the 15th of May so hurry up, you don’t want to miss out!   

And I’ll tell you a little secret… I’m a bit of an Adidas girl myself… shh let’s keep it between us, officially I only wear heels but if you want to see my ‘comfort side’? here we go… mmmm…


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