9-to-5 # Smarty Pants

One of the comments most commonly used by my boy when I (try to) make sarcastic comments is: smarty pants (BTW I am funny, he just doesn’t get it…;).

I think I embraced that description so much that I recently went totally crazy for pants… in a smart way. How smart? Well.. I got myself 2 pairs in Penneys which I’m totally loving, they were of course the cheapest trousers I ever got and I also wear them every possible way since.

Paired with a shirt or blouse with low heels are perfect for work (sooo comfy) / paired with flats, tee, little jacket & funky accessory are perfect for shopping / with sandals, top and some sunnies allow me to enjoy the sunny weather without going all bare and when I feel like going ‘mad’ I pair them with high heels, a bit of sparkle, pretty clutch and head out…. How about that, smarty pants?

9-to-5 sort of version

Outfit # 1:
Trousers – Primark
Blouse – Primark
Shoes – Dunnes
Wooden heart necklace – Primark
Jacket – vintage, see the story HERE

Outfit # 2:
Trousers – Primark
Shirt – Polo by Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Shoes – Primark


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