The Great Rail Sale

I’m trying to get back on track with my money and I’ve another 2 countries (5th & 6th out of 12) lined up within the next 4 weeks so I am sort of off shopping at the moment (2 days so far, I’m doing fantastic!!;).

However, when the first Great Rail Sale is happening just around the corner from me, just tomorrow, I think I deserve a dispensation (forgive me Mr Bank Manager).

What is a Great Rail Sale? It’s this fantastic idea that Fionnuala McCarthy has come up with; for € 20 – € 25 you can rent a rail that holds up to 30 items and sell your (still good / fashionable) clothes to anyone who is willing to pay for them; right in the middle of city centre (that’s where everything happens after all…).
Since the idea is brilliant and Stellar, Irish Tatler, the Irish Times and many more have been a huge supporters, I didn’t manage to book a rail early enough but I will surely hit (what I would imagine to be) one of the hottest shopping spots tomorrow.

I’ll see you there ladies!!


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