Man flu

My boy appears to have an impressively wide knowledge about the above mentioned disease. I always laughed when he told me what an awful sickness that is but I think I am about to admit that he is right! It’s absolutely terrible and… I think I got it! Feeling not only physically ill, I can hardly stand myself, grumpiness seem to be pouring out of me and I just can’t seem to be bothered to do much -> that couldn’t be anything else but man flu, right?!

As a woman though, I push myself to do things a bit more than men do 😉 and so, although I’m sick and feeling overall low, below are 2 small buys I got at the Great Rail Sale.

I decided to dig out my maxi dress I still haven’t even worn (bought last year)! Maxi skirts are all around again this summer but we all know that a chance of wearing a short sleeved, low cut dress in Dublin is rather minimal right now but I thought the blazer I bought at the sale will come in handy here.

I think my camera got a bit sick too and so everything came out grainy 😉

Blazer – Zara (it is actually much more green than looks on the pic)
Dress – H&M
Necklace – purchased at the rail sale, brand-unknown (I love it though)
Sandals – Primark

The event was fantastic by the way, it took ages to get in (1 hour queuing outside) but it was well worth it. There was loads of designer stuff, plenty of high street (still with labels) and overall I was really impressed with how high the quality of the clothes on sale was and at brilliant prices too. I can’t wait for the next one, this time I’ll be prepared to have some more cash on me 😉


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