Colour blocking – the subtle way

I am quite surprised to see myself embracing the colour blocking trend. I generally tend to stick to black and if I want to go crazy I usually go for browns, greys and pale pinks-yes, not crazy at all. That’s simply because a long time ago I realised what suits me, what not and most importantly-what hides what I’m trying to hide and emphasises just the right parts. I realise that means I get quite comfortable and that’s never good in fashion, this is the moment that you fall into buying exactly the same things every time you go shopping and whatever addition you’ve made to your wardrobe, no one can ever tell but you. I’m quite objective when it comes to wardrobes though, even my own and so, I think (or I’d like to think) that my clothing is still quite varied.

Back to the colour blocking though. I, as many, am not the most confident dresser when it comes to lots of colours and worse, mixing them. I wouldn’t risk putting pink top and bright blue skirt together but that doesn’t mean I won’t give this trend a go. Trying on tops in all those electric colours I also realised that strong pink or yellow can really suit a dark complexion (go a bit crazy with that bronzer girl ;).

My advice is, if you’re a bit resentful, go for 1 item at a time and just pair it with something neutral that will be more subtle and will tone it down too.

Top – Primark
Skirt – vintage
Belt – random
Heels – Zara

I really like the way the bottom is not only very neutral but also with the heels really elongates the whole body.

Just a quick note re: the skirt. I got it on ebay for an incredible price from a lovely lady who also happens to have a brilliant blog. Check it out HERE
I might be trying to copy some of her DIYs soon, they’re fantastic! 🙂

I also managed (still a bit sick) to attend one styling session by AnnMarie O’Connor and one by Angela Scanlon in BT yesterday. Both were very interesting and a thing that surprised me most – a midi skirt paired with ballet pumps by AnnMarie. Looked stunning, I never thought flats can look that great with midi! Will have to give it a go…


2 thoughts on “Colour blocking – the subtle way

  1. I too am a bit frightened of some of the almost fluoro colours that are back in this colour blocking trend, this looks great though! 😀


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