Long long day


It’s been a looong day and I know only 1 way to feel a tad bit better: a little bit of red lippy, some new clothes and a few photos… Yep, works every time.

I decided to do harem pants but a little bit differently. You can find these HERE. Anywhere I looked they were styled with flats or sandals. I thought this must be some kind of rule and as we all know rules are there to be broken. So here is my combination of harem pants, high heels (why not) and some colour blocking. Oh and a bag that still has tags on as I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping… what do you think?

Headband – Primark
Pants – New Look
Top – Primark
Heels – New Look
Bag – Primark

I based the collage above on my own pics just a bit more girlie and pink 😉


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