9-to-5 # brown, beige, brown

I’m falling a bit behind with my blogging recently but I promise to get better soon! I actually have some plans and little additions I would like to make in here, so a little bit of patience and you might find that it was all worth it at the end.. 😉

For the moment though back to Dublin, back to work and unevitably, back to reality. The last one of course means mostly even more work. One of my recent 9-to-5s was a combination of beiges and browns which I find very flattering for my complexion (even when there’s no summer and I’m getting more pale by a day). Very simple, very comfy outfit. The shirt is not tucked in although it really should be… I was probably feeling rebellious 😉

Bag – from Italy, can’t live without it recently
Trousers – Primark
Blouse – Dunnes
Heels – New Look
Ring – Primark


6 thoughts on “9-to-5 # brown, beige, brown

  1. I've got exactly the same blouse.. sitting in my wardrobe for a while now. Your pictures made me wear it yesterday to as my 9-to-5, so thanks for the inspiration :))


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