Fun & Games

The last time I got a chance to dress up a bit and snap some photos, I decided to make it real fun.

I was inspired by my visit to a recently opened second hand shop on Stephen’s Street, just off George’s Street. It is small, it is full of clothes, shoes and accessories, each one of which feels like a complete one-off, and well, it is fun. I was hoping to snap some pics of the shop one of the days last week but it was closed every time I passed, I hope it’s still there! The lovely owner was telling me all about her trips, planned to source some fab clothes and also plans of girlie evenings with some wine and shopping of course. I can’t wait so I really hope it hasn’t closed down 😉 Also, they had a vintage fur there I really really wanna get…

My purchases were a chiffon-y skirt, a golden ring & a little bag. Total cost: € 15. Total price for all the fun I had dressing up and dancing around the house with the skirt floating around: priceless 😉

I actually wanted a chiffon skirt for a while now, I find them so cute and also, they’re one of those pieces that can be worn in so many ways! I mean I like it with white t-shirt, I like it with heels and I like it with chunky cardi as well. It’s one of those things that can have so many different ‘lives’… I just hope I won’t stuff it somewhere at the bottom of my wardrobe and forget about it 😉 unfortunately happens sometimes with such unusual pieces… Also, I’ll be moving soon (don’t know where to just yet… scary?!) which can make blogging all the more difficult so I’m hoping for a lot of patience and maybe some encouragement from people out there! To keep me going ..

Here’s a pic of a skirt I looove and some photos of my own purchases.


Ring, bag & skirt – thrifted
Heels – Vivienne Westwood
Top – Primark
Necklace – Awear


4 thoughts on “Fun & Games

  1. Moim zdaniem przebiłaś swoim zestawem panią ze zdjęcia powyżej. Świetna spódnica i piękny top (mam nadzieję, że uda mi się go dorwać w Pennym). A bucików zazdroszczę ❤ ❤ ❤


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